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#GetInvolved: Supporting Democracy and Citizenship in VET

#GetInvolved: Supporting Democracy and Citizenship in VET

Leitung:  QBS Gewerkstatt gGmbH (Andrea Wisotzki), Verantwortlicher für die LUH: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange
Team:  Dr. Malte Kleinschmidt
Jahr:  2020
Förderung:  Erasmus+ Programm (EU)
Laufzeit:  2020 - 2023

The #GetInvolved project aims to offer an approach for promoting democracy and active citizenship in the VET. Establishing democratic thinking, participation and awareness of discrimination in the field of VET helps to strengthen common values in the society, as multiple stakeholders are involved in the vocational education. On the one hand, the project addresses to empower young VET-learners, as they build the future generation of our society. On the other hand, the project addresses VET teachers and trainers such as VET institutions and companies, as they are the ones working with youngsters, they need be empowered and sensitized regarding discrimination or participation possibilities at the work place.